Every Business Needs a Server

What can it do for you?

Whether you have two PCs or five, you need a centralized location to manage, store, send, process, protect and monitor all of your business data, files and back up everything to serve your customers better, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Your customer’s data can be updated by any user on a PC connected to your server
  • so the latest information accessed is always current
  • Your employees can update, and share documents, presentations and spreadsheets, regardless of where they are
  • All software and data is administered by the server to all your business PCs so everything is coordinated and protected and running at its smoothest

Streamline Your Operations,
Set the Stage for Success!


Do You need a Server?

Yes, you need something besides a couple of desktop PCs to process data faster and more efficiently.

  • Are you prepared for a hard drive crash? Are you prepared to recover all of the files or re-enter or re-create the data you lost?
  • Are you backing up all of that important information, whether accounting spreadsheets, pricing proposals, contact documents?
  • Do your employees have access to the latest version of your important information or are there multiple versions?
  • Do your employees have the same access to all of your business’ critical and confidential data? What if they left?
  • Does each PC have the latest virus protection with the most current updates? What if your business was stifled by a malicious attack?

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